Venue change! Abundance OPEN meeting this eve! (Tues 17th) in **FIR TREE PUB, IFFLEY ROAD**

Abundance Open meeting this evening!
NOTE VENUE CHANGE –> We’ll be in the FIR TREE PUB  which is about half way down IFFLEY ROAD. Sorry for short notice, we had a miscommunication in our meeting venue booking.

If you’d like to come along, text 07708776392 if you can so we can make sure that you know how to find us in case you get lost trying to find the meeting venue. If you can bring a laptop with you, please do, as we might split into working groups to look at a few different things. Particularly keen in tree care or foraging but haven’t got involved yet? there will be opportunities to help out with these, whether you’ve got any previous experience or not: it’s all about sharing skills and then learning more whilst you’re doing!

We’ll have:
– updates from our TREE CARE crew
– updates from our FORAGING team
– sign up forms for upcoming pruning skill-shares
– ideas of how you can help support foraging
– a chat about Disco Soup (communal cooking up of food surplus and feeding of the masses) & more…!
– an overview of upcoming events!
– a chat about how to stay up to date and how you might like to get involved!

IN the FIR TREE PUB, Iffley Road:,-1.240006,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x8ce032d0faa0c432?sa=X&ei=Vh4IVc-AF8mr7AabkoG4Ag&ved=0CHsQ_BIwCw


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