About us

Abundance Oxford is a not-for-profit community harvesting, redistributing & preserving group. We harvest excess fruit & veg from back gardens across Oxford, redistribute it to community groups who want & need fruit, & organise skill-shares to preserve the rest of the fruit & care for the trees from which they came.  

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You can support us by….

* Sharing gluts! Donate your excess fruit and veg gluts to us, find out more HERE
[If you’d like to have your excess fruit/veg harvested: *** Please fill out our quick! (5 mins) Harvest Info form: ***]

* Helping in Harvests! Sign up to help harvest fruit and vegetables with us and our trusty bike trailer! Find out more HERE

* Learning! Come to our skill-shares and workshops and learn how to preserve veg and fruit gluts in communal cooking sessions- & you’ll get to take some of what we make home with you too! Look out for events HERE and on our facebook page. Follow our blog on this website to keep up to date with what’s going on too!

* Skill-sharing! Email us (AbundanceHarvestsOxford@gmail.com) to offer a skill to share (be that in making preserves or tree care): don’t worry, as far as possible we’ll source ingredients/equipment, sort a place to run the workshop and tell everyone about it, so you just need to come and do your thing!

If you think you will have, of if you’ve already got too much fruit for you and your family to handle- please get in touch, we’d love to help! Contact us here or email abundanceharvestsoxford@gmail.com or call 07708776392

We’ll harvest it, leave some for the birds, some to replenish the soil for next year, give you however much you want, (or if you prefer give you a bottle of pure pressed apple juice or jelly), & the rest- we’ll make sure is used!

The rest is redistributed to community groups working hard to feed those in difficulties (where all the best fruit goes, as far as possible), through giving them away for free in public spaces at Harvest festivals and fetes throughout summer, and/or through running skill-shares using the fruit to spread knowledge of preserve and produce making and reducing food-wastage…


The project was inspired by the wonderful Sheffield Abundance Project, and started up in Oxford in May/June 2012. Everyone involved in the project offers up their time on a purely voluntary basis. (because it’s lots of fun! Come get involved!) If you agree with what we do, please support us!


Abundance Oxford is a member of Oxfordshire County Council’s great CAG (Community Action Groups) network. This is a collection of community groups that are given support, publicity, oversight , networking opportunities and much more. The Resource Futures staff and the network members have been an amazing help to us throughout our germination. Thank you all! (and we can’t help but give a special mention to Peter Lefort!)

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Abundance Oxford is a member of Student Hubs – a great organisation engaging students in environmental and social change!

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Abundance Oxford received funding from TOE2 for equipment for our harvest season 2013, shared with Kidlington Abundance- thank you TOE2!

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