Abundance through the Seasons…

Winter we prune fruit trees to keep them healthy and productive. We’ll check on our yearly community-made batch of cider and we’ll wassail the trees come January.

Spring we’ll be running grafting workshops to help out some of Oxford’s fruit-poor areas, focussing on local heritage varieties and tasty eaters as well as sturdy cookers. We’ll also be foraging for the start of nature’s feast – nettles, young leaves, the odd flower.

Summer we’ll be organising, planning and getting excited about elderflowers, cherries and plums before full-on harvest season comes, and celebrating with early harvest festivals.

Autumn, harvest season, we’ll be harvesting fruit, preserving fruit and veg, sharing recipes to make the most of gluts and taking food from tree to table! We’ll celebrate apples with our very own Apple Day in mid-October.

All year round we promote eating seasonably, using up leftovers and reducing food waste.


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