Welcome! We hope you can join us for one of our events; whether it’s a meeting, workshop or social!

Disco SOUP Social – Tues 5th December (open to ALL)

Tandem Ceilidh Poster.jpg
Tandem Christmas Ceilidh-Thurs 7th December [we’re cooking ‘n baking]




Our last event was DISCO SOUP!  Sunday 5th November, 12 – 3pm (open to the general public) but from 9:30 am – 5:30pm we’re looking for volunteers to help make it run souper smoothly… Come get stuck in! Email Disco Soup Oxford [@]

More info here:-
Facebook here:-
Sign up to volunteer here and then email DiscoSoupOxford [@] to let us know your name and number! !:-

ALL WELCOME! We need arty-crafty folks, cooks, chopper-uppers, washing up lovers, music-loving folks, tech-loving folks and more…!

Abundance Events:-
We try to make them accessible,  fun & so that no previous experience is required, just enthusiasm and some time 🙂

We often organise affordable skill-shares and all are welcome!

Everyone is very friendly and welcoming too.
See below for an idea of what a Year in Abundance is like; and what type of events and volunteering opportunities go on throughout the year…

The calendar below advertises events far into the future- both those that we are involved in or are organising, and those that we think you’ll be interested in! Out of season, some of the repeating events such as the socials might change date; PLEASE do check if an event is going ahead by texting or calling 07708776392 or emailing
A blog, on this website, and facebook event or post will usually pop up if the event is definitely going ahead.

Abundance events are also advertised on Facebook. We’ve also got a list of future events planned, which we update as often as we can…

A year in Abundance…

* Wassailing festivities

* Fruit Tree Pruning
* Preserve-making from ~ surplus apples
                                                  ~ food surplus excess
*Grafting Fruit Trees (making baby heritage fruit trees!)

* Foraging – mainly green leaves
* Summer Fruit Preserves / Food Surplus Preserve-making

*Prep for Harvesting ~ getting the bike trailer ready
                                          ~ harvest team games/socials 🙂
*Summer Solstice shindig

*Harvesting (plums to apples to quince to green figs to more apples…!)
Regular Food Bank donations
* Juice & Cider Making
* Workshops with charities
* Harvest Festivals

Regular Food Bank donations
* Harvest Festivals

* Apple Preserves/Storage & Baking
* Juice & Cider Making
* Workshops with charities
* End of year shindig!

Hibernation: Mid-December –> Early February

* * *

  • Apple Pressing at Donnington Doorstep’s Bonfire Night! £2 entry for a whole family! Friday 6th November
  • Harvests happening all autumn long, until the first few weeks of December 2015! Look out for more info!Sorry if you missed our APPLE DAY! Sunday 18th October, 12 – 5pm, Hogacre Common Eco Park. More info HERE
    Abundance Apple Day - 18th October 2015 12-5pm - Hogacre Common Eco Park - Posterjpg -- - -
  • Apple Harvest – Tuesday 20th October, 5:45pm East Oxford & 6:30pm East Oxford  (text or email to join in,, 07708776392)
  • Abundance Social, Wednesday 21st October, 7:30pm – 9:30pm in The Star pub – text 07708776392 to rsvp as we’ll bring snacks to share. bring food to share too!


We’ve got PRUNING SKILL-UP & subsequent PRUNING SKILL-SHARES coming up in MARCH 2016! Read our recent blog to find out more…

After that, we’ll be all over FORAGING so stay tuned for more events. (we’re currently looking for help coordinating foraging sessions if you’d like to join in the foraging organising team, email and let us know!)

And remember, we rely on volunteers to make things happen. If you’d like to see us do something that we aren’t already, we’d love your help on coordinating and organising events & skill-shares!

Here is some more information on our upcoming events:

Our last big events were:

apple day flyer with map 2014 - 19th OCT - jpeg

Abundance Stall @ the One World Fair!

Upcoming Harvests:
* Harvest Session date tbc – Florence Park/Rosehill Area
* Harvest on Friday 5th September early eve (East Oxford Iffley/Donnington Bridge area)
* Harvest Session on Fri 10th October early evening –  tbc (likely to be in Headington area)
* Harvest Coordinators Skill-Share (inc. a harvest!) – tbc

More info here & get in touch to RSVP by phone (07708776392) or email (

More future events on facebook… (on the calendar and in a handy list too)!

Future Events…
(& look out for meetings and socials too!
These which will happen in between the following events – dates are being confirmed for September and October)

Sat 13th September: Apple Give away @ Bullingdon Community Centre Swap Shop (next to Orinoco) (Sat) 11 am – 12:30pm. (all welcome to come take fruit)

Thurs 18th September: Preserving Session (informal) – Rosehill/East Oxford: text 07708776392 for more info & to join in

Wednesday 24th September: Harvest & Make Session @ OxGrow community garden, Hogacre Common Eco Park (off Abingdon Road, just a 15 mins walk from city centre)

Sat 27th September: Abundance @ Barracks Lane Harvest Festival: come find us here and join in apple pressing and more! J @ Barracks Lane Community Garden, off Barracks Lane (East Ox) à We’re also hoping to run an apple pressing session with Response Organisation as part of our Outreach work. This is likely to be on one Saturday in September. If you’d like to help out with this, please let us know on – we’ll make sure that you’re with someone who knows how the press works, and it’s really fun!

Sun 5th October: Abundance @ Harvest Festival @ Hogacre Common – come see what we’re up to, help pressing apples and join in lots of other harvest fun

Sat 11th October: Apple Give Away @ Bullingdon Community Centre Swap Shop (next to Orinoco) 10:45 am – 12:30pm  (all welcome to come take fruit)

Sun 19th October: Abundance Apple Day inc. apple pressing @ Hogacre Common Eco Park (our core day of apple celebration!)

20th – 26th October: Lots more harvests before we lose day-light hours!

– Sun 26th October -> more apple pressing with any post-apple day apples…

– Sat 1st November: Disco Soup in Bonn Square: Pumpkin Theme & Pumpkin Festival fun in the evening!

– Sat 8th November: Abundance @ the festival @ OVADA non-profit arts warehouse

Past Events in 2013….

Pruning Workshop: 23rd – 24th February & 2nd – 3rd March

Workshops where we learnt how to prune fruit trees & revive neglected orchards into abundant local fruit-bearing resources.
If you couldn’t make these but are still interested in learning to prune please register your interest using this form.

Grafting Workshop: March 9th

March 9th – around 60 rootstocks needed grafting. A group of 15 volunteers learnt all about grafting at the Hogacre with Stephen Watts.

Foraging Walk: 16th March

We organised a foraging walk at the Hogacre Common for The Big Dig. As part of the same event we built an exciting cob oven for Oxgrow.

Bike Trailer making Workshop: June – July

Built a bike trailer for cycling our harvests around Oxford. Stig took us into his house then shared his resources and expertise with us. For more please see blog post.

Jam Making Skill-Share: 29th July

Making jam and jelly at Hogacre Common – we made jam in a big jam pan with blackberries and then cooked up chopped up apples and more blackberries into a jelly over a roaring fire under the stars… wonderful.

Mega Harvest & Orchard Rescue: 7th & 8th Sept (& more sessions to come…)

Check out the blog post to see what we got up to…