Join the core team!

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We’re currently recruiting for more people! See current and new roles below …

We’ll update these as they are filled, so if they are still listed, we still need at least one more person in the role – so please do get in touch!
We will happily consider role-shares i.e. two friends or two people taking on one role between them, as this is even more fun! If you want us to give you references for any Abundance volunteering work, we are also happy to do so. Also, if the role has disappeared, that doesn’t mean we don’t want your help – we’d still love it!
So please do email us if you are interested in any of the roles, regardless:

Perks include: endless free fruit between July and January, cake/jam/jelly/cider-tasting/eating, a chance to share recipes & learn how to cook in bulk & monthly core team meetings over a shared feast!

Looking forward to hearing from you and welcoming you into our lovely team J

Dot T. – Facilitator

Laura B – new! – Tree Coordinator

** Looking for 1 – 3 Harvest Coordinators ** –

** Looking for 1 – 2 Workshop & Skill-Share Coordinators ** – (you don’t need to have a fruit/tree related skill to share yourself, but to be able to coordinate and facilitate others to help share their skills 🙂 )

** Looking for 1 – 2 Outreach Coordinators ** – coordinating conversation and liaising for distribution with organisations we redistribute to, as well as looking at organising workshops WITH these organisations. Last year we made sauerkraut, jam and pressed apples with service users of charities, this year we’ve made jam and would like to do more!

**Looking for 1 (or 2! co-)Treasurer(s)** – The treasurer just needs to keep on top of any expenditure and any donations that we receive. The treasurer doesn’t need to attend all events where money is exchanged, but it would be great if they could ring up once a week or once every fortnight to check in on any purchases, and arrange for collection of receipts. They are also thanked in copious apples and the odd bottle of juice or cider!

** Looking for 1 -3 Photographers ** – to take lovely photos of the seasons passing and how our activities change with them…

** Looking for 1 – 3 Preserve Making gurus ** – Know how to make a great jam, a scrumptious chutney or a delish sauerkraut? Offer to share your skills through Abundance Oxford: we’ll help with sorting venue, sourcing ingredients & making recipe cards J

** Looking for 1 – 2 Data & Evaluation Monitoring gurus ** We’d love a hand making sense of all the people we feed with the fruits of our labour – and some help making funky infographics to tell the world what we’re up to! If this is your thing, give us a ring! (or send us an email)

** Looking for 1 – 2 contributors to blog posts ** Love to write? Been inspired to make your first pot of jam and want to spread the know-how like marmalade?

We welcome wholeheartedly those who’d like to help out, particularly in an organisational capacity! Please get in touch!

Thanks to Ruth P (Chutney maker, crafty-arty-one, Newsletter Guru), Neil G. (Treasurer), Jak W (Workshop & Events Coordinator) and Alex G (Outreach Coordinator) for their help over the seasons; we’re now looking for a new team! So please get in touch if you think you can help out!

Also, love to have a

*  Student Liaisons Coordinator

*  Publicity Coordinator

& lots of craft-loving people, lots of fruit-loving/outdoors-enjoying, food preserving, foraging-loving folks & more!



2 thoughts on “Join the core team!

  1. Hi there.
    I would love to be one of your outreach coordinators – I am going to university in Sheffield but I will be around here and there during term time and of course outside of it.
    I am 19 years old and went through what i describe as a ‘foraging phase’ as a lonely 13 year old! I have a few connections with other community groups – I work currently for a charity called Parasol that works with disabled and non-disabled kids, I have volunteered with Cultivate Oxford in the past. I have just offered to volunteer with the Oxford Food Bank and I am going to the Permaculture Convergence in Yorkshire this September. I am also looking to grow two groups of my own in Oxford, one of which is called ‘Vegans and Friends in Oxford’ which a small group of us established at the beginning of the summer, another one called Oxford Swap Shop which I hope to build up and launch properly once I graduate from my Politics degree in 2019 – the idea is selling second hand goods to raise money for homelessness charities – but once I get my level 2 food hygiene qualification i can consider doing foraged food as well.
    Lastly an old colleague of mine works in a Community Action Network which i have a meeting with her about this coming week.
    I would love to come on board and hope to hear from you soon.

    • Hey Adam! Great to hear from you and sorry for the delay in responding, didn’t spy this comment!

      Best is to email us at abundanceharvestsoxford [@] and give us a bit of info, so we can reply more easily.
      We can meet up and go through what’s what in the pub over some baked freshly-picked local apple 🙂
      Thanks 🙂

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