Food Surplus Café & Baby Tree Making! TODAY!

Oxford Food Surplus Cafe TODAY for a #payasyoucanafford meal, made from utterly edible (and usually delicious) #surplusfood that would otherwise shamefully gone uneaten, cooked up by #volunteers for the love of food.

12 – 3 pm TODAY, Saturday 12th March, as part of International Women’s Week
East Oxford Community Centre
FREE Entry!



#TreeGrafting going on upstairs of East Oxford Community Centre in OARC; go check out how to make baby trees with our friends at Think Tiny!

ALL WELCOME to both! We are in particular celebrating women and those whom identify as women today, as part of international women’s week. There will be craft activities for children to do too 🙂
Turn up by yourself or bring a friend, a neighbour, a colleague and meet others in the community for lunch or tree fun.
A few Abundancers will be eating at 12:30 if you’d like to join come at around that time then you’d be very welcome to join us in particular and meet some of us, otherwise, come at anytime!
Abundance will also bring some of the last of last years apples to add to the big cooking pot and trays, and we’ll bring some extra jammy apple jam that we made in JamSquared with the Hub on Thursday (Jam-making whilst we Jam with musical instruments!)
There should be cake throughout the day too, so stop by and find out more about what’s going on in the community, enjoy a meal, and meet new people 🙂

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