Want fruit?

We are always looking to be able to supply fruit to more groups. Please contact abundanceharvestsoxford@gmail.com & tell us what you do & what you might be able to accept!

At the moment have loads of fruit. Loads. After many years of weather that was bad for some fruit, nature finally did the best of stuff for apples, blackberries and elderberries. If you represent a worthy cause in Oxford e.g. educational establishments and schemes, homeless outreach org, refugee support, anyone supporting those on low incomes, environmental initiatives and others, WE WANT TO GIVE YOU FREE FRUIT.

At the moment we are offering:
Very much of the following. If you will use it, get in contact.
Cooking Apples (first/top quality and seconds/lower quality)
Eating Apples (firsts and seconds)
Mini Eating Apples (firsts) ideal for toddlers and small children without the appetite for a big one.
Seconds are often windfalls so could be bruised or containing some animal life. Chopping em’ up for chutney, jam, juice etc is the way.
Small Amounts on a first come, first served basis
Frozen blackberries
Frozen plums
Pears (firsts)
Bananas are sometimes donated to us. If you want in, let us know for next time.

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