Tree Owner?

Always have too much fruit or veg to handle? Seen ripe fruit falling all over the pavement in a residential area? Old heritage tree needs some care? Know a really tasty plum, pear or apple tree you’d like to grow another of?  A combination of all four? We’d love to hear from you!

We can help:
* harvest excesses
* find good homes for unwanted fruit (with some of the charitable and non-profit groups we work with)
* care for old trees
* help identify apple varieties

If you’d like to have your fruit tree/glut of vegetables or herbs harvested:
*** Please fill out our quick! (5 mins) Harvest Info form: *** AND don’t forget to send us an email to let us know you’ve filled it in (as we don’t get an automatic notification when the form is filled in) [] to help it make it easier for us to harvest your tree.

Or, interested in finding out more before you offer up your excess fruits & veg? CONTACT US !

Our group of volunteers make sure to USE the fruit you give us, in a non-profit way, and wherever possible we redistribute the BEST fruit to local charitable organisations we are working with, including Donnington Doorstep, Stepping Stones and more charities and organisations feeding those in food poverty and other difficulties via the wonderful Oxford Food Bank ( a charity in itself).

If you’d like to have your fruit tree/glut of vegetables or herbs harvested:
1. Please fill out our quick! (5 mins) Harvest Info form: [] to help it make it easier for us to harvest your tree.

2. Please send us an email on with a photo. Call us any day after 6pm on 07708776392 if you haven’t heard from us within 4 days.

We also run skill-shares, workshops, give away fruit for free at harvest festivals, fetes and other events, and recipes with ideas of interesting ways to use produce, organise an Apple Day in October, have bring and share picnics where we encourage the use of under-used produce in wild places and MORE!

Come find us & chat about your fruit..! We’ll have stalls at Elder Stubbs Festival (17th August), Barracks Lane Harvest Festival– where we’ll be running hands-on foraged jam-making (14th September), Hogacre Common Harvest festival (date tbc)  & many more!

Thank you for Fruit Donations:

We’ll give you a box/ bag/crumble’s worth or however much or little you’d like to keep.
We’ll also try come back and prune your tree if and when appropriate, if you would like as a thank you, to improve the quality of your fruit and reduce the quantity so it’s easier to handle next year!

If any of this sounds good please get in touch!

*Find out more below*

Here’s our tree map for starters. If you want to add your tree (with a choice of public or private) please do ! We will never give your details to someone who isn’t involved in harvesting your tree.

We’d love you to tell us about your excesses – gluts & unwanted fruits (or veg)- whether that be plums – sour cherries – apples – pears – unripened figs or other! We can help you handle them – harvest them – give you the ones you want- redistribute the best of the rest to charitable groups and associations that can distribute them to those in need (from the homeless to children from disadvantaged families) and then preserve the rest in workshops and skill-shares open to all.

We need this sort of information to be able to come help you harvest and collect whatever you don’t need:

Tree type/ Fruit Type (fruit / nut etc and e.g. for apples whether its a cooker an eater or a cider apple would also be great to know)

Tree location ( a rough address eg postcode is useful for starters, so we can plan harvest routes)

Owner Whether the tree is in your (rented or owned) garden or a friend or neighbour’s tree  (and if you haven’t had a chance to speak to them about it we can put a flyer through their door and chat about it with them)

Ripening Time If you know roughly when the fruit were ready last year that would also be great- as it helps us plan a rough schedule (however feel free to get in touch and say “they’re ready now!” and we’ll try fit you in asap- nature after all is unpredictable)

Contact Details Your phone number and email address (and please indicate which is your preferred method of contact) so we can get in touch with you- even if you don’t own the tree if you can give more details on what you do know then we can go chat to the owners and see if they are interested in being part of the project.

Please email as much information as you can to: or ring Dot on 07708776392 any evening after 6pm.

We will only use your information for the purpose of contacting you about potentially harvesting your tree when it comes towards harvest time- and giving us your details or the details of the tree doesn’t mean that you have to give us your fruit either! [We’ll just be very happy if you can use all the fruit yourself 🙂 ]


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