9 days till *D I S C O*

Saturday 3rd November, 12 – 3pm

Free cook-up & feast from surplus for all,
on the streets to the beets of music!

@ Bonn Square, opposite the Westgate main entrance

What is a Disco Soup?
FREE cook up and feast from food surplus, open to all, all set to musical beets!
Did you know that if food waste globally were treated as a country, it would emit nearly half the Greenhouse Gas emissions of the whole of China? That’s nearly as much GHG as the US emits… Food Waste is a huge problem, not only environmentally, but also because lots of people do not get enough food to eat. We think that’s awful, and we think one great way to raise awareness about it is to spread the word

We’re a pretty up-beet bunch of volunteers, and we welcome newbies.
We’ll be having a quick drink and Disco Soup update on Friday 26th evening in the Lamb and Flag pub, before heading to the Ashmolean, if you are keen to join in, text 07708776392.

Check out other events pre-Disco Soup:-

Pre-p-arty on Sun 28th 5:15pm – 7:30pm
East Oxford Community Centre.
Event :- https://www.facebook.com/events/549567615485736/

Disco Décor gathering & making Sat 27th 11:15 am – 12:45,
meet at Orinoco, Headington which is here
Event-  https://www.facebook.com/events/299651720639278/

If you want to see what a previous Disco Soup looked like, CLICK the Disco Soup image below FOR A VIDEO –>

cut to 18 seconds in to hear what Disco Soup is, from a Disco Soup we held in Oxford many moons ago!
cut to 1 min 30 seconds to hear food waste hero and Disco Soup-pal Tristram Stuart speaking about Disco Soup right here in Oxford!

#pumpkinrescue #oxfordpumpkinfestival


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