Services we offer (for donations!)

We are a non-profit but still need to raise funds. We offer services for which we sometimes gratefully receive money.

hedgerowharvestElderflower Cordial prep


Bike trailer hire

We can hire out our bike trailer if you would like to use it. If you contribute towards the organisation of Abundance then you’re welcome to have it for free. See blog entry here.

Apple Tree sale

In the winter of 2012/13 we grafted 80 apple rootstocks and just over half of them were successful. That means we have varieties of apple that will remain dwarfed yet highly productive, trees. The small nature of M26 rootstocks makes them very suitable for small back gardens or schools where children can do the picking. Discounts are available to good causes. If you would like to buy a tree from us then you can reserve them by completing this form. Let us know if you’re interested, we won’t pressure you. We will start looking at giving away and selling the trees in November 2013 and onwards. We may do some more grafting this winter (2013/14).

Workshop management

We can provide teaching services and providing some equipment and skill towards any workshops you want to be held. In the past we have done ‘Chutney Cooking @ @ TPS on behalf of CAG and ‘Jam Making‘ at and on behalf of Barracks Lane Community Garden. We’ve also run a “Foraging & Jam-Making” team-building session for a publishing company. We run our own volunteer skill-shares each winter, primarily on apple tree pruning for which we usually take small donations from participants.


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