Disco Soup #3 – squashing food waste!

Disco Soup Oxford #3 was held in Bonn Square, in Oxford city centre– on Saturday 1st November 2014, 12noon – 5pm!

-disco soup infographic nov 2014- Here’s the blog on DS#3!  (inc. photos)
Here’s a vid
featuring much footage from DS#3. Good Food Oxford & Hubbub supported the Disco Soup Oxford collective to put this on, and Green TV filmed us in action!

Thanks so much for all of you who came down to peel, dance & feast to the live music, find out more about how much food gets wasted, what delicious soups you can make with leftover veg and all sorts of exciting other entertainment!
Disco Soup #3 was part of the Oxford Pumpkin Festival programme – reclaiming Halloween’s carve-and-chuck commodity as the delicious, versatile and long-lasting veg it really is! Oxford Pumpkin Festival continues till 9th November so look out for more events here! #pumpkinrescue

Thanks very much to the Gleaning Network for helping us source lots of scrumptious squash that would otherwise have gone to waste!

Want to get involved in future Disco Soups?
Disco Soup is looking for volunteers to help with the next event and with entertainment on the day!
in a band & want to play on the day?
in a theatrical collective & want to perform a food waste skit?
crafty and love making decorations?
want to help find food that is going uneaten across the city
– want to help make some pre- disco soup – soups
want to help with publicity…?
Get in touch: email DiscoSoupOxford@gmail.com !

If you’d like to help with future  Oxford Pumpkin Festival events, fill in the volunteer form here
>  disco soup facebook link here
> pumpkin festival facebook link here

Disco Soup III Logo

To join in future Disco Soup event planning, please email DiscoSoupOxford@gmail.com!


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