Abundance’s Aims

* To SKILL SHARE & REDUCE FOOD WASTAGE through reviving methods of preserving fruit and vegetables

* To EDUCATE ABOUT THE EDIBLES all around us that we don’t notice, don’t take time to appreciate, or don’t know how to appreciate; and ultimately reconnect with nature- eating seasonally and locally wherever possible, but without making a negative impact on our environment (we always leave some fruit on the trees for the birds and insects and some to rot into the soil and replenish it’s nutrients)

* To REDISTRIBUTE FOOD WEALTH: from those who have abundant excess (where otherwise it would be wasted) to those who want access to fresh fruit  (and with us, fresh fruit is free and delivered by bicycle, our lovely upcycled bike trailer, wheelbarrow or foot wherever possible, rain or shine)

We also want to create and foster a sense of community around harvesting, preserving and distributing along the way and help join up some of the food dots in Oxford.

abundanceharvestsoxford@gmail.com, https://www.facebook.com/groups/abundanceoxford/

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