Come help plan our harvest season! & Join the Core Team!

Come help us plan our harvest season! Core team roles available too!

Would you like to come help shape Abundance’s events for the harvest season? What we harvest, what we do with it and more?

Seasonal-food-chart (source Leon)

Come along to our meeting on Monday 4th (sorry for the date change from our usual Tuesday slot!) at 7:30pm, upstairs of Turl St Kitchen (16-17 Turl St, city centre) in the “Library” room and find out more! Find the event on facebook, join our facebook group, check out this website’s Events page and make sure to follow this blog to hear about all our upcoming events.

As well as planning our calendar of events (blackberrying trips to elderberry preserving to apple pressing), during the meeting, we’ll also be:

 Looking for volunteers who can give a few hours per week or per month to help with the following roles:

chopped apples – Skill-Sharers(few hours per month/ every 2 months) those who are keen to share skills such as chutney making, jam making, foraging & more: you don’t need to be an expert, you just need to try it out a few times before and get confident enough to share your newfound (or well-seasoned) skills! We’ll help you find a venue, jars or bottles and cover the costs of any extra ingredients. Ideally you’d be able to commit to one session/2 months.

beetrootbigandsmall-> We’ve got one Harvest & Preserve workshop coming up at the end of August: Wednesday 27th  that needs a skill-share leader or a pair of skill-sharers, in collaboration with OxGrow (Oxfords’ abundant edible community garden): been there recently and got ideas? Know exactly what you’d like to do if you could get your hands on August fruit and veg gluts (cabbages, marrows, beetroot, carrots, early apples & more…)  Let us know!

 lost in the overgrown brambles...Harvest coordinators3 hours / week or / fortnight)  those who are keen to lead tree harvests – be that plums, apples, pears or other! We need you to dedicate to a minimum of 3 harvest sessions per month –  those can be during times that suit you. Usually our harvesting hours are somewhere between 5:30pm – dusk/9:30pm during weekdays, and anytime during day-light hours on the weekend. Morning harvests also often work well for some volunteers too, particularly students: a harvest is a great way to start the day! Once you get stuck in you may well want to join in and coordinate lots more!

 Outreach Liaison(approx. 1 hour / week)  to identify links with new organisations and strengthen links with organisations we are already talking to, see what specific needs organisations have (for example, jam making or eating immediately), see where we can organise free fruit giveaways and see whether they can accept fruit from upcoming harvests.-

abundance flyer 2013- imagePublicity/Promotions(approx. 2 hours/week) promoting our events on facebook, tweeting, putting up photos/collating photos (or you can take them too if you’d like to!) putting content into a newsletter format on Mail Chimp, helping design posters and helping finalise and coordinating the current flyer content.


measuringup- bike trailerFundraising Support(approx. 1 hour/fortnight) to identify new funding opportunities and support application bids that are being written, to help us be able to make things and commission others to make things like bike trailers to improve our work 🙂

If you’re interested in any of these roles, please email and say you’re interested in volunteering and call us on 07708776392 any day after 6pm if you’d like to chat more about the opportunities and helping make our organisation more effective (as well as fun!)

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