Beets, Shoots & Leaves… (How to buy one veg, get one free..)

We had a great Abundance-OxGrow harvest & cook-up session yesterday: all to celebrate the amazing beetroot.
Here are the fruits of our labour, in front of a fantastic sunset at OxGrow, the wonderful edible community garden where the gluts of beetroot came from. It’s open for all on Sundays 1-4pm and we made the most of the Summer Sessions (Wednesdays 5:30pm till sunset (~8:30/9pm) to cook up a beet-feast.

We wanted every part of the beetroot to have it’s glory and so we experimented with cooking every part, in a few different ways.

Beetroot leaves often get chucked in the compost, as do their stalks: but they’re an extra: a free vegetable you get when you buy your beetroot from a market! Beetroot leaves/greens are packed with calcium, iron and vitamins A and C, iron: beetroot are related to spinach and you can use their leaves as you would use spinach, chard or kale.

Beetroot Leaf Stems/Stalks are a revelation: cooked down till they are soft they take on spices and flavours amazingly when fried.


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