Good food this weekend @TandemFestival! 19th-21st June, Hill End, Oxford

An Abundance crew have just come back from a lovely day making elderflower cordial at Tandem Festival Skills Camp, set in Hill End Outdoor Education Centre, using flowers we foraged sustainably from site where there was an Abundance – and it’s glorious out there! So green and peaceful, so many trees, so much open space too, and the sunsets are wonderful.

We can’t wait to welcome in the solstice sunrise at Tandem Festival this weekend
(held at this stunning location, Hill End Outdoor Education Centre, Hill End Farmhouse, Eynsham Road, Oxford OX2 9NJ) in the early hours of Saturday morning
! Here are some photos from our escapades…

Apart from locally-made with love Abundanced Elderflower Cordial, what other good local and ethically-sourced food will Tandem Festival offer? Well, as it happens, a whole host of delicious food that is supporting local and small enterprises who care about where their ingredients come from, and who think that should not make any compromise on taste!

Oxford, London & Bristol small enterprises, big flavours and great ingredient sourcing…

Wa! are good friends of Tandems, making organic, vegan, super-food packed super-tasty festival-pick-me-up soups & meals and a curry that can stop any hangover in it’s tracks.
Fundi are the London-based Nelson brothers that make pizzas for all (inc. gluten-free & vegan options!) from the wood-burning pizza oven they built themselves!
Fresh Rootz are Bristol-based and have won multiple awards for best “Street Food”! They love mixing British root veg with spices from all over the world & cramming in as many as 7 of your 5-a-day in one dish!

Tandem Kitchen…

* Punchy stews, hearty soups, wraps & rolls: good, honest and delicious food with a little garnish of festival-times.
* Tandem Crêpes Our “très bon” crêpes are made from the super-food buckwheat, like traditional Breton galettes (so they are gluten-free!) – but unlike the Bretons, ours are vegan too, so everyone can enjoy a delicious pancake! There are all manner of tempting toppings to go on top too…
* Tandem Chai: Organic warming spiced tea to see off any cooler midsummer evenings…

Drinks Galore…

A fine selection of Oxfordshire-sourced drinks! Wines from Brightwell Vineyard, ales & beers from Hook Norton, ciders from Red Dog Cider & apple juice from Waterperry, plus our very own Tandem & Abundance Elderflower Cordial made using foraged flowers from the site!

Snacks & Cakes

Ethically-sourced, home-made tasty snacks – for those who want something healthy as well as those who want to indulge.
Squirrel Snack Shack brings you a snack attack with specially roasted snacks!
OxCo-op brings you all manner of organic & fair-trade cakes, made with love and there are vegan and gluten-free cakes too without any compromise on taste, so everyone can enjoy a sweet treat at Tandem!
Annabel’s Brownies come recommended by The Guardian and have won many “Great Taste” awards…


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