Eat green this weekend…! Food Surplus Café & Hogacre Café!

This weekend Oxford has two great opportunities to eat “green”

1. Oxford Food Surplus Café #2 ! (cooking up a feast for you from food that would otherwise go to waste!) & Post-food surplus café social, 16th July
2. Hogacre Café on the stunning green of Hogacre Common , off Abingdon Road
3. Hate Food Wastage? Two great petitions to throw your names behind:
* Stop Food Waste in Europe:
* #StopDumping to get supermarkets fined for the outrageous way they create waste in the supply chain and abuse the global network of farmers that supply them


1. This Saturday, 11th July, brings the return of the
Oxford Food Surplus Café, #2!
East Oxford Community Centre12-4pm
Pay As You Feel – Veggie – Delicious food all from produce that would otherwise have gone uneaten…
fsc ox
Want to share a delicious meal that you can afford no matter what your budget? (It’s Pay As You Feel/Pay as You Can Afford, and no one is looking at what you pay, so be as generous as you like to support the project, or put in whatever you can afford or give back by helping with washing up or sharing a skill with someone in the café!)

Whether you can or can’t make the Food Surplus Café, all are welcome to the:
Post-Event Social
 @ The Star, Rectory road
 6:30pm onwards next Thursday (16th July) 

Please do come and say hi, whether you are just interested in finding out more, meeting some of the volunteers & helping make the next one happen – or even love to start one up in your community!

E:    F:

2. Hogacre Café is open and has been serving scrumptious, ethically-sourced meals, cakes & drinks every Sunday, 12 – 5pm since summer first sprung the sun upon us. If you haven’t checked it out yet, why not head out to the glorious green of Hogacre Common for lunch this Sunday?
You can even learn more about gardening (and get your green fingers on!) at OxGrow edible community garden (1-4pm)

3. Whilst you’re here, please do read & if you agree, SIGN! these two petitions…

Stop Food Waste in Europe:
#STOPDUMPING: Stop supermarkets dumping the produce they decide they just don’t want on farmers all over the world, leaving them without income and with mountains of food surplus that just won’t go eaten

For more info on facebook:
Food Surplus


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