Community Festival Meeting: Sunday 16th February TANDEM!

Tandem Festival invites community groups, interested individuals, those interested in running workshops or facilitating discussions and MORE! to:
* Oxford Hubs, above Turl Street Kitchen,
* 4 – 6 pm, Sunday 16th February
* ALL welcome!

Abundance Oxford will be there and a part of the festival- why not see if you’ll join us, Cultivate, OxGrow and members of other organisations in making this festival truly representative of Oxfords community projects, in an eco-friendly way, all whilst celebrating the arts!

If you can’t make the meeting but would like more information, keep your eyes peeled, join the Tandem festival facebook group, or subscribe to our blog here: to find out about the outcomes of the meeting and what Abundance and other community groups can put into and get out of the festival!

Merlin Porter Arts for the lovely artwork!

Merlin Porter Arts for the lovely artwork!


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