Ab Feb Newsletter! SOCIAL TODAY & other events… :)

Hello Wonderful Abundancers new and old! Hope you’ve been enjoying the sunshine amidst the rain and floods!

Welcome to our first proper newsletter of 2014, jam-packed with our events and other food-related goings on…

Abundance Events

  1.  Abundance [Food –Sharing] Social (Bring a recipe for a preserve!) [Tues 25th, The Star, 6 – ~8:30pm]
  2. Abundance workshop with The Parasol Project (Wednesday 26th March)

 Other Abundance-linked Events:

.   3. Local Food Fest, at Oxford Hub above Turl Street Kitchen [March 11th, 18.00 – late]

    4.Good Food Oxford [19th March]

    5. Abundance involved in NEW! Eco-Music Festival in Oxford: TANDEM! [20th-22nd June]

 6. A little something extra… Flooding Allotments


1. Abundance [Food –Sharing] Social (Bring a recipe for a preserve!) [Tues 25th, The Star, 6 – ~8:30pm]

This Tuesday 25th February, at The Star pub, you are invited to come and chat all things Abundance and meet others involved! You can bring whatever food you’d like to share, come have a drink (from the bar in The Star) or come talk about food over food! We’ll bring some snacks to share with us.

You’re also invited to bring a recipe (or even bring the results of a recipe!) for a preserve that can be made in under 2 hours. We’ll be working with Parasol Project in Oxford, running a cooking workshop and so we’re looking for a great idea for a recipe to make with the kids who go to Parasol Project!

2. Abundance workshop with The Parasol Project [Wednesday 26th March]: We’re looking for volunteers to help with this workshop. We need to choose what to make, liaise with the Parasol Project to make sure they’ve got all the equipment we’d need and then source the ingredients, as well as one or two volunteers on the day to put together a recipe/info sheet and run the skill-share on Wednesday evening. If you’re interested, please email abundanceharvestsoxford@gmail.com or ask about it at the social on Tuesday!

3. Local Food Fest, at Oxford Hub, above Turl Street Kitchen [March 11th, 18.00 – late]

-Getting people excited about buying, cooking and eating local food.

-Hearing about local food in Oxfordshire + discussion & then preparing + eating a 3 course meal of local food  together (music + liquid refreshment on hand as well)!

This event clashes with the proposed Abundance meeting so we need to decide if and when to reschedule the next Abundance meeting…

 4. Good Food Oxford

Abundance alongside other CAGs (Community Action Groups) and community projects are putting our heads together to discuss how to shape Oxford as a more sustainable food city under the umbrella group of “GOOD FOOD OXFORD”. Low Carbon Hub are leading the debate and facilitating the growth of GOOD FOOD OXFORD. If you’d like to help work on the charter then join on Wednesday 19th March 6pm – 7:30pm, Turl St Kitchen, more info here: http://www.goodfoodoxford.org/

5. Abundance involved in NEW! Eco-Music Festival in Oxford: TANDEM! [20th-22nd June]

Abundance will have a presence at Oxford’s newest festival, Tandem! Tandem festival brings together musicians and performers from across Europe, to join community groups and organisations from across Oxford and will celebrate community, music and the arts in a sustainable way! Taking place at the end of Low Carbon Oxford week, in mid-June over the solstice weekend at Hill End’s beautiful 63-acre site, there will be lots of interest to Abundance folk and more going on!

–          If you have ideas for what kind of skill-shares or activities you’d like to see from Abundance at the festival, please let us know! We’re currently looking at facilitating a Disco Soup pop-up tent at the festival…

–          If you have ideas for any great food-related documentaries you’d like to see at the festival, please let us know!

–          If you’ve got other great ideas to share with the festival, please email: admin@tandemfestival.com

–          To support the festival’s crowd-funding campaign (and maybe get some festival perks too!), head to: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/tandem-festival

6. A little something extra… Flooded Allotments


For those of you with flooded allotments, or who are usually regular OxGrow volunteers but have been unable to go due to the floods, here’s an article that might be of interest- how to make gardens and allotments more resilient to flooding.

OxGrow for those of you who don’t know is a community edible garden that is open to ALL! Never tried growing anything and don’t know where to start? Head over to OxGrow on any Sunday, anytime between 1-4pm and you can get stuck in. There are facilitators on site to help you out, all the tools are available and when crops are ready to harvest then helpers can have a share in nature’s rewards!


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