Apple Day is TODAY! (Sun 20th October)

We’ve got a LOT of apples. Four harvests (!) on the morning of Apple Day Eve meant that we had an approximate 400 kg of apples, plus a few more bags and smaller crates that were brought later on.

Dot and Gee in the apples for Apple Day


Some apples were chopped up to go into delicious food to be served tomorrow lunch time…

chopped applesyeah

… but don’t worry we’ll have snacks available all afternoon, including some delicious apple ketchup (!) a wonderful recipe from Abundancer Jamie…

Apple Ketchup Angels

Come join in the fun and help us press lots of these apples into juice, and put fruits that would have otherwise gone uneaten to use!

Prepping apples for Pressing


Lots more fun activities, hot food, hot drinks, cakes and live music! We’ll be there rain or shine celebrating apples 🙂

Apple Day Poster


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