One World Fair Stall

It was GREAT thanks for all help everyone, and for all the contributions, anecdotes and donations we received throughout the day.

Some of our favourite fruity (innocent!) stories from the lovely folks that came to chat to us:


Something great to do with quince, apart of course from quince jelly, is “Mostarda di Venezia”


In the 50s a women remembered that all the boys used to go out “crabbing”-  climbing and scrumping crab apple trees and scoffing themselves on crab apples. They all then felt ill soon after but then a few days later they’d go and do the same thing again (and feel ill again). [She was in Manchester and said that’s what they called it up there “crabbing”]

We’ll stick up photos and description of what we got up to ASAP!

Having fun on the stall


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