Bring yourselves & any apples to the Harvest Festival today!

TODAY, on this beautiful autumnal day, is the Hogacre and OxGrow Harvest Festival! Set in the beautiful grounds of Hogacre Common and Pavilion; with a zero miles feast made from produce grown by the OxGrow community garden (where anyone can pop along on any Sunday 1-4pm and help out/find out what gardening is all about) and lots of activities for all ages including Apple Pressing, of core’se with Abundance Oxford!

Look forward to seeing you there with any apples you’ve found on the way-side (windfalls, cooking apples and crab apples are great for juicing!) or any surplus from your own trees, and even if you haven’t brought any apples, you’re welcome to help press the fruit into apple juice!

Get there early if you want to get a good serving at the feast; and if you’d like to find out more about abundance and really get stuck in, we’d love a few more hands to help tidy up the press at the end of the day (~4/4:30pm), that’d be wonderful… why not put your names down on our doodle-poll volunteer schedule for the event here:- and we’ll see you later with the mini pack-down crew!

Gluts of love,
Abundance Oxford



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