Micro-Harvest & Meeting tonight! [Tues 20th Sept]

1/Micro Harvest, off Abingdon Road from 5:30 – 6pm on Western Road, bring bags to take fruit home in!

2/OPEN Meeting for all, Fir Tree pub on Iffley Road, from 7:45pm – 9:30pm
talking about Harvests, Workshops, Outreach, Skill-Shares, Mapping, Events like Disco Soup, Blogging/Publicity

More info below….! We hope to see you at either or both!


1/Micro Harvest in Grandpont area off Abingdon Road this evening:- just a recce to see how the trees are getting on  and to pick up any windfall and other apples that need using up! Western Road, text 07708776392 for the address with your name and email address, to get the full address for the harvest. Bring bags!

2/Meeting! Open Meeting this evening: Tues 20th Sept, 7:45pm – 9:30pm, to allocate harvests, discuss the workshop we’re putting on Thursday, share info about workshops we’d like to attend or run, and talk about other collaborations we could do and meet other abundance volunteers!
Bring a bag to take apples home, any recipes you’d like to share & diaries to note meeting dates!

As ever all welcome! We’ll be chatting about the following:-

  • Harvests this week and this weekend
  • Jam Making at Restore on Thursday
  • Collaborations we could make
  • Mapping Update
  • Apple Recipe share

along the general themes/areas of:-

– EVENTS: Disco Soup, Harvest Festivals, Apple Day
– OUTREACH  (working with charities and organisations)

If you have an idea of which theme/area you’d particularly like to help, let us know! Thanks!

There’s also a Circular Collective meeting going on from 6pm, so you can join some of their meeting beforehand too if you’d like to!


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