Join our friends at the Oxford Food Surplus Café this Sat 16th July

This Saturday the Oxford Food Surplus Café takes place (16th July!)
Hope you can make it down for a delicious meal that is pay as you can afford and made from food that might otherwise have gone uneaten!

There’s an amazing team that make the Food Surplus Café happen, but they need more hands on deck this week, so if you can volunteer to help out, even if just for a few hours on Saturday, that’d be amazing!

The sign-up form is !HERE!, it takes 2 mins to fill!

If you can’t volunteer this week but can volunteer in the future then sign up to join the mailing list and show interest as a volunteer on the day, or get in touch with the Oxford Food Surplus Café directly.

Abundance surplus harvests sometimes are added to Food Surplus ingredients lists, and so if you’re keen to help harvest surplus crops, then do make sure you join our facebook group to keep up to date with what we’re getting up to!

Yesterday we went picking raspberries that were surplus and there are some photos up on the Abundance FB page already, check them out!

Lastly if you’ve got an abundance of cucumbers or courgettes, redcurrants or gooseberries, or more; then do get in touch with us by email
and we can help pick your surplus, give you some back, and make sure the rest is used by those who might not otherwise get access to local fresh fruit, for free!


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