Squashing food waste over the festive season & our festive harvest season celebrations!

Festive Freeze Treats

festivefreezeadventcalendarimageOur friends at Hubbub have got a Festive Freeze Advent Calendar, crammed full of tips for how to reduce food waste over the upcoming holiday season of gluttony.
Check it out  –>here! <—



Chutney Making & Appley-Festive-Fare at our Harvest Celebration Cook-Up & Feast PARTY! Date TBC!

We’re also going to have a Harvest Season Celebration Party! With a chutney making skill-share, a  little cook-up & feast with appley-mince pies (vegan!) & we’ll crack out the vintage chutney, mulled apple juice & cider!

Bring any veg or fruit that you are struggling to use up, along with any staples that need using up!
It’ll help 
to help use up leftover veg so those who are heading elsewhere for holidays can help use up their veg and preserve it for a wintry/spring-y treat!

Solstice Celebration
We’ll also have another little celebration around Winter Solstice (22nd Dec) time, with fire and appley winter warmer puddings (bring & share), and mulled wine to cheer in Winter (but perhaps a bit before solstice as we know some of you will have already left by then!)

–> Look out for a poll on our –> facebook page here <— to put in your preferred dates for both shindigs!

callforrecipes- abundanceWe’d love to hear your best winter warmer recipes; whether they be classics, cooking up seasonal veg with a difference, preserving in a way that changed your life, THAT chutney recipe or the jam that makes breakfast in the dark so much better… 


Please send them to us at AbundanceHarvestsOxford@gmail.com and we’ll compile the best 3 recipes to put in our festive mail-out! If you’d like any apples to try out a new recipe, let us know too!

Gluts of Love!
                 Abundance Oxford


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