Jam Making @ OxGrow Pumpkin Day! Today! 1 – 4:30 pm, off Abingdon Road

What ajam outside jelly jars greenn absolutely GOURDEOUS day to come down to the OxGrow Community Garden on Hogacre Common to help squash food wastage through JAM-MAKING, BIRD-FEEDER MAKING (bring your creepy carved pumpkins) and MUCH MORE!
With Hallowe’en and Sam’wain celebrations we continue to celebrate harvests a-plenty, and as part of Oxford Pumpkin Festival and food waste saving Pumpkin Festivals across the UK, we’ll be at @OxGrow Pumpkin Day!
(Facebook event HERE!)

oxgrow pumpkin day pumpkinsCome down for all sorts of pumpkin-related larks & food fun:
bring your dead jack o’lanterns and make them into spooky bird feeders! (to scare the squirrels away from the bird seed!)
– Come & see what exciting things we can cook up from leftover pumpkins!
Mini-masterclass on composting: beyond the Hallowe’en pumpkin!

& Come make ghoulish jam and jelly with #AbundanceOxford!
…ALL in the BEAUTIFUL settings of Hogacre Common Eco Park! (just off Abingdon Road, a 10 min cycle from East Oxford, HERE!)
ALL for free!
1 – 4:30pm!

18,000 tonnes of pumpkin waste is expected to be sent to landfill in the next few days, as a direct result of the Hallowe’en related pumpkin sales. Help squash food wastage by learning and sharing ways to reduce pumpkin wastage! Use #PumpkinRescue if you’ve got photos and recipe ideas to share.


Facebook Event for more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/937926906277534/946519618751596/


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