Pick wild cherries, make Clafoutis: la révolution in the kitchen…

Today is Bastille Day in France, which celebrates la révolution! The French love eating “griottes”: sour cherries (you’ll find them in market places, in supermarkets and in recipes) and this time of year is perfect for them, so why not stir up a bit of revolution in your homes by skipping the shops and markets and making a classic French clafoutis with foraged wild cherries?

Clafoutis is traditionally food straight from the French peasantry (and originally from the rural region of Limousin, the name clafoutis comes from Occitan meaning “to fill” and it’s both full of cherries/griottes but also a filling dessert!) but it’s worth it’s sel on any table – get yourselves out to those cherries you’ve spied on your commute, your walk to the park, your run: and why not get some friends together, pick some and try this out? (before the birds nab them all and our precious wild cherry season is over!) clafoutis et cerises griottes


Here’s a veganised recipe that seems to work quite well for those of you with dairy or egg allergies: http://28cooks.blogspot.co.uk/2006/06/sour-cherry-clafouti-since-i-have.html

Here’s an analysis of several different clafoutis recipes if you’re interested in the chemistry of it all (plus a “perfect” recipe at the end): http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/wordofmouth/2013/aug/29/how-to-cook-perfect-cherry-clafoutis &

here’s a classique recette à la francaise, in French for you francophones/francophiles/traditionalistes: http://www.marmiton.org/recettes/recette_clafoutis-grand-mere-aux-cerises_29896.aspx

growingcherrytreesfromseed griottes cherry pits

It’s the pits to “waste” anything, especially after it took so long to harvest those cherries… so why not use the pits/stones too!
Traditionally, you’d keep the stones/the pits in the cherries for the clafoutis… (they give a subtle almondy flavour to the dish too) but whether you remove them, or the clafoutis-eaters move them, what to do with the cherry stones/pits after? Here are a few ideas…

– You could grow your own wild cherry tree, have a look here to see how!
– Make a bed-warmer with them, for cooler summer days and camping in the garden – look here to see how!
Cherry-pit spitting contests!

Vive la cherrévolution!


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