Vote for local food! (& go to a ceilidh!)

Whether you’re allowed to vote, or as you’re contemplating voting or even heading back from the voting booth today having added your voice to the voice of millions all trying to have a say in how this country is run, spare a thought for the way you vote on a regular basis for how our food system works…

Every purchase we make helps support one producer or supplier, and, the opportunity cost (the “cost” of the alternative that we did not choose) of buying from supermarkets is that we are sending our hard-earned monies away from our local area, disadvantaging local suppliers, local growers and small-scale farmers who are trying to provide good quality, ecologically-farmed products, and look after our local agricultural land, for all of us!

One way of voting for local food is by supporting the local food growing co-operative, Cultivate , who are in need of some financial support to help them continue their great work up in their market garden just down the road near Didcot.

We wanted to highlight some of the GREAT perks you can get through supporting their campaign – including CEILIDH TICKETS it’s not so much a donation as an exchange if you will.

Check these fundraising perks out and get your wallets out: vote to keep this local food grower going!

* Pledge £20 to Cultivate and get a screen-printed Cultivate tea towel by LisaMadeIt, limited edition!

* Pledge £25 to Cultivate & get a ticket to the Ceilidh Knees-Up + free drink + a fancy Thank you card!

* Pledge £50 to Cultivate & get a month’s worth of weekly Cultivate veg&fruit bags for May or June (your choice!) & handwritten thank you card

* Pledge £80 or more to Cultivate & get an invite to one of the following exciting July workshops (farm lunch included) PLUS a Ceilidh Ticket PLUS a fancy Thank you card!
Here are the groovy workshops on offer:
– An introduction to Permaculture on the farm with pick-and-eat salad lunch
– An introduction to setting up a co-op with pick-and-eat salad lunch
– An early morning yoga session on the farm followed by a light and fresh farm breakfast
Cooking for special diets, with a light lunch and recipe booklet
(all workshops 2 hours long & take place on weekends in July)
(the bargain of the lot if you’ve got enough pennies for it!)

Lots more perks here including farm candle-lit feasts, being punted down the river by the Cultivate Crew and more!


(and a gentle reminder if you are registered but haven’t already, the ability to vote is a hard-earned and wonderful right to have your say, and if you’re unsure, it’s sunny & you’ve got till 10pm 🙂 !)


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