Nettle Foraging, Food Surplus Cafe & Exciting Part-Time JOBS!

Hello All!

Hope you’re enjoying a spectacularly sunny day. Spring is well and truly sprung and blossom coats the trees and pavements beneath – if you’ve got blossoming fruit trees, or spy them whilst out & about we’d love you to tweet us photos on @AbundanceOxford!

There’s a few things we’d love to tell you about:
*  Abundance Nettle Foraging
(for food surplus café!): Friday 24th April, Meet @ 5:30pm
*  Oxford Food Surplus (Pay as You Feel) Café Sat 25th April 12 – 4pm
*  Food Jobs:
 Feeding the Gaps – Project Co-ordinator
Real Farming Trust –  “Just Growth” Programme Manager

 *    *    *     *    *    *   *    *    *   *    *    *   *    *    *   *    *    *   *    *    *   *    *    *   *    *    *   *    *    *   *    *    *

** Abundance Nettle Foraging for Oxford Food Surplus Café Pop-Up! **  FRIDAY 24th April
On Friday 24th we’ll meet at 5:30pm at a wild location tbd, in East Oxford, to pick wild nettles for the Oxford Food Surplus Café Pop-up LAUNCH!
email us on for where to meet
& we’ll announce it on facebook soon. We’ll go to pub afterwards most likely!
All welcome, bring gardening gloves if you have them & a fabric bag if you want to take some nettles to add to your dinner!

** Oxford Food Surplus Café LAUNCH! ** SATURDAY 25th April
The OxFoodSurplusCafe will be the first event of it’s kind in Oxford:
–  the scrumptious veggie food cooked up will be food that would otherwise have gone uneaten
– the price you pay? what you can afford or feel you want to give – if you can afford it & want to support the project: give generously, if you are really struggling then give whatever you can or take it as a gift, and you can always gift us something in return, maybe doing the washing up, for example! Facebook event here
Volunteers to help with setting up & cooking, welcomed! Sign up here!

** Food Jobs**
Feeding the Gaps – Project Co-ordinator,  640 hours initially, £12.50/hr, Oxford Full details here – closing date 27th April!
Be quick!

Real Farming Trust –  “Just Growth” Programme Manager, 3 days/week, more info & how to apply hereDeadline May 4th

Hope you can join us foraging or at the café to eat the fruits of our labour cooked up by a fabulous team of volunteers!

Gluts of love,
Abundance oxford


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