Free apple give-away & help reduce wastage! (volunteers needed for 1 hour on Sat)

We’re still looking for 1 extra volunteer or a pair of volunteers (why not volunteer with a friend you want to catch up with?), to help with our:
Free Fruit Giveaway stall, 11-12 noon, tomorrow (Sat 13th Dec) @ Orinoco’s Swap Shop in the Bullingdon Arms Community Centre (about a 15 minute cycle from the city centre and a 15 minute cycle from Cowley Road (you can avoid Headington Hill by going up Hollow Way))
We love having a stall here, it’s very rewarding and Orinoco and the Swap Shop help find homes for items that would otherwise have gone unused, so fits nicely with Abundance ethos of reducing waste 🙂

apples and hand sorting

[Can’t make it? See below for more info on Sunday’s Apple Pressing…!]

What’s the story?
It’s a LOT of fun – just chatting with people as they help themselves to apples, telling them that they came from surplus in back gardens, and you can suggest recipes like baked apple and any others you know, but otherwise just direct them to our website which has apple recipes on it.
*Swap shop* is going on at the same time and there’s lots of great free! stuff at the swap shop, so it’s great if you’re trying to do Christmas or other celebrations on a budget!
*Orinoco *(next door) – great for affordable craft, upcycling and DIY tools and materials – is also open from 11-4pm
*You can take home as many apples as you want*, great for making apple sauce for Sunday roasts or apple compote for warming winter porridge.

Interested? Here’s what we need you to help with:
Wondrous Phil will be dropping the apples off at the community centre at about 10:45 am, so if you can get there just before 11 am to help him unload the apples and stay till 12 noon (or when the apples are gone) that would be great. You don’t have to be with the stall the whole time – just set up a simple tally-chart with instructions for people to make a mark if they take any apples, and then you can split your time between the stall and the swap-shop, and just tidy up at the end and if there are any more apples left, you can take them home.

If you can help us out… great! then please text 07708776392 or email with your name, number & email address. Thank you!
If you can’t help but will pop by to the swap shop, say hello to the volunteers at the table 🙂
The swap shop runs from 11 – 1pm and remember Orinoco is open 11-4pm for all your crafting, upcycling & DIY needs!

Can’t make it but want an abundance fix this weekend? Come join us pressing apples into juice this weekend, 11:30 – 2:30pm, Sunday 14th as part of Tandem Festival’s volunteer party at the stunning Hill End! More info here:

apple pressing juice image sunny outside


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