Disco Soup Open Meeting! Thurs 23rd 6-7:30pm, Florence Park Community Centre

Come join an OPEN Disco Soup meeting on Thurs 23rd: to help make the FREE COOK-UP & FEAST for all as engaging, fun and delicious as possible!
We’ll meet at Florence Park Community Centre (here6pm – 7:30pm on Thurs 23rd October. [facebook event here]
Disco Soup #3 will take place on Sat 1st November
in Bonn Square, so not long to go!] Disco Soup III LogoIn the meeting, we’ll:
* update each other on our progress
 in our different teams so far
* allocate remaining tasks &
* get a good system for recruiting volunteers to help out on the day

We need new volunteers so if you hate food going to waste, want more people to know about food waste, love communal cooking and music and meeting new people: we’d love you to come join the meeting, or the craft session, or email DiscoSoupOxford@gmail.com to say you’d like to join in, or all 3!

Disco Soup Teams: (if you’d like to help in one of the teams, email DiscoSoupOxford@gmail.com and say which or text 07708776392 with your email!)
Publicity/Visual Messaging: lead by Gus & Miriam
Soup –Making: led by David & Phil
Music & Entertainment: led by Niko
Outreach: Dot (if anyone else would like to push this forward, let us know!)
General Logistics & Coordinating: Dot

Our flyers & posters will be ready by the meeting so if you can bring a bag to take some to  redistribute that would be great!

DISCO SOUP CRAFT-MAKING: Sat 25th, East Oxford If you’d like to get involved with arts and crafts to help engage the general public including the making of a “poke-your-head out of the pumpkin” info board, then come down to the crafts-making session this Saturday 25th October in OARC, above East Oxford Community Centre (here) Bring any craft-making kit of your own you want to, we’ll have materials too!

All welcome, hope to see lots of you there! Souper wishes, Disco Soup Oxford team, via Abundance Oxford


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