Jam Jar Amnesty @ Abundance Social tomorrow eve! 8pm onwards, The Star pub.

empty jam jar for jam jar amnestyWe’d love you to bring a jam jar (or a few!), ideally with lids, to our social in The Star pub, Rectory Road, tomorrow evening if you can! We’re looking for lots of small jars (think pesto jars, small olive jars etc.) so we can make lots of little jars of jam during our drop-in jam-making session at Barracks Lane Harvest Festival (alongside honey demos, crop-share table and more going on at the garden!)


Don’t worry if they need a bit of a wash or still have labels on them, we’ll be washing and sterilising the jars thoroughly before usage. The social is open to ALL, and we’ll be there at least from 8pm – 9:30pm with a sign so you can find us easily (and maybe some apples too!). Some of us will go on the Critical Mass bike ride beforehand too, so no reason you can’t do both, and you can bring food into The Star so you can bring packed dinners or take aways with you to the social.

Hope to see lots of you tomorrow evening at the social, with or without jam jars 🙂

Gluts of love,
Abundance Oxford


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