Get stuck in – lots of opportunities to join in, help out & have fun :)

We’ve got LOTS of events coming up and need volunteers to help out at them, so if any of you have some free time and would like to join in one or a few, or have friends that might like to, let us know by emailing or texting 07708776392 with your name and email address. All volunteers get free fruit and pressing volunteers get unlimited free juice!

* Jam & preserve-making aficionados – we especially need you over the coming weeks! Look out for this colour to see where you can offer up your love of jam making/ jam-making talent or simply a desire to learn & have a go at preserving!
* Green-fingers/garden lovers: Foraging & Tree Care
* Outreach
* Apple Pressing
* Harvest Festival

Wednesday 24th September, Harvest & Make Session with OxGrow, Hogacre Common 6:30pm – 8:45pm.
–> we need 2 volunteers: to help facilitate the session. Initial plan is to make Hedgerow Jelly and a soup with the excess veg from the garden and that we’ve been donated from elsewhere too. If you’re comfortable making jam and/or jelly and want to facilitate the session overall then let us know, that would be great!

Friday 26th September, Apple Pressing @ Response Organisation, Littlemore 6:45pm – 8:30pm
 we need 4-5 volunteers: to help with pressing the juice with members from Response Organisation. This is a great way to give back after picking apples from Response Organisations’ tree a few weeks ago and a nice way to make sure we are working with the wider community.
we need bottles to store excess apple juice which we can pasteurise and leave for Response Organisation to use & of course any helpers can drink as much apple juice as they want!

Saturday 27th September, Jam-Making @ Barracks Lane Community Garden Harvest Festival 11-5pm
–> we need 5 volunteers, ideally who have made jam before (ideally doing 1.5 hours each throughout the day) for the following shifts: 11-12:30, 12:30 – 2:00, 1:30 – 3pm (overlap to cope with likely busy time),  2pm – 3:30,  3:30 – 5pm

Jam making kit will be on site at 11 am & things will be taken away at 5pm, but will need help setting up and packing away.  –> Ideally, if we can have at least a few volunteers throughout the day who are comfortable making jam/ have made jam before, that would be great. However we’ll have a jam making cheat-sheet to give out, so those who aren’t sure can look at that too!

Saturday 4th October: Preserve & Making Session with apples/pears/hedgerow foraged fruits  

Sunday 5th October, Apple Pressing @ Hogacre Common Harvest Festival (we’ll be there 10:45 – 6pm)
we need 5-8 volunteers, across the day, to help set up, help with apple pressing, and help pack up (and drink lots of delicious juice from lots of different apples!) We’ll also have a stall selling chutney/preserves so we’d need someone to help with that too.  Ideally: 10:45 – 12:30 x 2 vols, 12:15 – 2pm, 1:30 – 3:15, 1:30 – 3:15pm, 3:15 – 5pm,  4:15 – 6pm.   

 6th October -> 17th October:
Volunteers to:
– Promote Apple Day
Harvest fruit!
Redistribute fruit !
– Collect lots of
wind-fall apples
for pressing on Apple Day
Make & Freeze crumble and/or loaf cakes for Apple Day
Tree-Care (weeding, mulching etc.) for our baby apple trees from 2 years ago that we will be selling!

Sat 11th October, 11:00 – 12:30 @ Bullingdon Community Centre swap shop, next to Orinoco, Headington
Need 2 volunteers to help take fruit & flyers up and help encourage people to take fruit for free!

Abundance Apple Day prep day/evening: Sat 18th October
At least 5-7 volunteers to help make soup/food (Sat 18th Oct) , people to help make cakes (Sat 18th Oct), people to help decorate jam jars for sale, people to help make sure the trees are ready for sale and look good (will involve some tree-care work prior to Apple Day), people to help collect glass and plastic bottles for filling (they can be collected on site prior to the event). Cake & Soup can be made at an East Oxford location and transported to site if easier, but often this can be tricky too!

 Abundance Apple Day:
Sunday 19th October, Abundance Apple Day @ Hogacre Common Harvest Festival
-> N
eed all volunteer hands on deck!  people to help make the place look apple-tastic, – people to help apple pressing, and people to help make sure its clean afterwards.

& also there’s a
Disco Soup (III): 1st
November, Bonn Square.
Squashing Food Waste with a Pumpkin-themed special!

Tell us what you can help out with! The numbers of volunteers given are suggestions and a minimum really so please email or text if you can help out, even if you think we may already have some help!

Gluts of love,
Abundance Oxford


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