Upcoming Harvest Season Launch Party…

Hello All!

The first of the Apples have started falling – early, delicious and sweet eating varieties such as Discovery, Worcester Pearmain and more..
Plums, damsons, blackberries and elderberries poke through hedgerows, trees and splatter pavements purple
And the bulk of the apples, and pears too are coming soon…!

To celebrate the launch of Abundance’s Harvest Season and indeed the Harvest Season in general being in full swing we will be having a celebration and get together– if you will – a party!

 It’ll be:

* A chance to TASTE last year’s preserves including chutney, jam and juice
* A chance to HEAR where the fruit goes and why it’s so needed
* A chance to SEE how much fruit goes uneaten– and you can try and take away as much free fruit as you like!

…and most of all, a chance to mingle, make new friends, share recipes, offer up your fruit trees, have a go with our mega pickers, offer up skill-shares in preserving and sign up to join in harvests, skill-shares and more!

We’re just confirming the date and venue but this is just a heads up – look out for the event on facebook with the final details to come sometime in the next week or two. We will probably have to move the date from 5th September sadly due to a clash with our friends at Broken Spokes who had to move their birthday party date one day forward. We’ll also promote it on this blog- if you want to find out first then just Follow Our Blog – look to the column on the right hand side to do so!

Hope to see lots of you blog readers and twitter followers there – it’s welcome to all! Come out from behind your screens and get stuck in with some ripe, Oxfordshire fruit and veg gluts!

Abundant Love,
Abundance Oxford


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