July brings an abundance…

Hello Abundancers new and old!
Hope you had a lovely sunny weekend and happy start to July!

1. July means…
2. Events coming up… & Past Events
3. Big Abundance events in the future…

1. July means…

The end of the Elderflowers – whilst white flower heads still stud shrubs in shadier parts, where the sun lingers long the flowers have withered and gone…
Spring foraging ending – nettles are tougher, sticky-weed is seeding and garlic mustard’s big leaves are bitter…

 But that just means that different treats are waiting to be found…

Cherry Season:  hiding along foot paths and road-sides: don’t forget to pick a few before the birds do (and they will happily consume a tree-full in an afternoon)
Meadowsweet still grows wild: if you can’t find anymore elderflower, meadowsweet makes a fragrant July cordial.
Wild Strawberries have popped up, tiny little delicious morsels

And there are signs already that more will be coming..!

Elderberries appearing: little berries are starting to form… wait till they get plump, purple & ripe for picking (birds love them too so leave some for them!) They should be out in the next week or so, and there should be many by mid-July
Blackberry flowers are waiting to be pollinated, one of the reasons bees are so important!
Haw berries are on their way, soon to pep up a hedgerow jelly…
Full wild roses in hedgerows show you where to come back for a vitamin-C hit when the rosehips emerge in autumn..
And if you look closely at the apple trees, they’ve started growing, and you can see whether you’re going to have an abundant year or not!  August will bring the first of the ripe apples before autumn brings in the full abundance and then we’ll be very busy…!


2.  As we’re nearly in fruit-season heaven, we’ll be meeting up more often so we can get cracking with making sure we’re ready for when those first ripe apples fall: ready to harvest, ready to preserve and bake & ready to redistribute!


* Tuesday 1st July: Social in The Star pub, Rectory Road, off Cowley Road: 7pm – 9:30pm ish (often go on till later, but ring if you aren’t sure: 07708776392) [tomorrow!] All welcome and you can bring food to share, your dinner or even preserves to try if you like!

* Tuesday 8th July: Meeting, upstairs of the Turl Street Kitchen, in the “Library” room: 6:45pm for a 7pm start, till approx. 9pm. We’ll have snacks, bring note paper if you can! We might break out into smaller groups during the meeting to have a more hands-on look at mapping and outreach in this meeting.

* Tuesday 15th July / Wednesday 16th July (tbc): Making Session: we’ll be making preserves out of produce that we’ve foraged and produce that would otherwise have gone to waste. You can take a jar of something home for a donation (which will go back into the project) Please RSVP by clicking here, ideally by Friday 11th July, if you’d like to come! Venue tbc. Look out on facebook & the blog for more info..

* Tuesday 22nd July: Social in The Star pub, Rectory Road, off Cowley Road: 7pm-9:30pm. Come join us for a drink, a catch up, to chat about harvests to come: bring recipes and anything else Abundance related you’d like to share!

If you’d like to meet those involved, find out more about what we do, join in foraging, preserve-making, harvesting, mapping, communal cooking & eating and more then please come along to one of the meetings! Let us know if you’d like to make it but can’t, and add yourself to the facebook group if you have it as it’s the easiest way to keep up to date with what’s going on…

We will also be working on sending out more regular emails to keep you up to date! If you’d like to opt out of the emails, please let us know or click on unsubscribe. If you’d like to sign up to them, you can using the link on the right hand side of the home page! Thanks!

* * *

 Past Events:

* 20th-22nd June Abundance @ Tandem eco music Festival we were one of the main organisations involved in helping with Tandem eco-music Festival: if you didn’t make it, it was amazing and the whole festival had incredible feedback! Look out for Tandem follow-up events in the near future & join their mailing list to find out about how to do more of what you did at Tandem, or do the things you missed out on  – whether that be upcycling, listening to amazing music, getting involved in fossil free campaigning, African dance … or just where to eat great, sustainably-sourced veggie food!

3. Big Abundance events in the future…:

There’ll be much more foraging, harvesting, map-making and more, but we’ve got 2 big Abundance events coming up in autumn. For those who like to make a note in your diary early, here’s more info…

* Apple Day: We’ll be celebrating national Apple Day (traditionally on 21st October), as ever, on the Sunday around it, either on the 19th or 26th October… although usually there are so many apples we need to do a follow-up session so we may well be pressing and serving food on both dates!

* Disco Soup: The next Disco Soup event will be in October/November time, when we’ll be celebrating the wonderful pumpkin and trying to divert some of the Halloween related waste into delicious discosoup! Email discosoupoxford@gmail.com for more info closer to time!

Thanks for reading! Remember you can email us on abundanceharvestsoxford@gmail.com


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