Oxford’s been Disco-Souped once again!

Thanks to all volunteers, musicians, capoeira-dancers, Feeding5K, food-providers and passers-by who joined in and helped make Disco Soup #2 an amazing day!

If you didn’t pick up a Disco Soup flyer, then you won’t have seen the amazing list of events and ways to change the way you think, buy and eat food that we’d collated for all on the back! It also has more information about projects you can get involved with – whether you have a sunny sunday afternoon to spend in a community garden, two hours in an evening twice a month to help out with a community project or want to help organise and push forward a local food initiative. So you don’t miss out we’ve made it available online below:


Thank you for being a part of our Disco Soup food revolution in Oxford, and part of a world-wide movement raising awareness of food waste through fun, public events. If you didn’t make it, hope to see you at Tandem Festival – Oxford’s newest eco-music festival, open to all, for another Disco Soup!

We’re trying to reach out to as many groups that provide support for those in food poverty so that those who are in need of food support can come join in too. If you have any contacts or groups that might be interested, please get in touch with Doi who’s working on the Feeding the Gaps project which is linked with Disco Soup.

Extra thank yous go to:
Stig for his great flyer and poster design, The Westbury for being hand models in the publicity image & Green Print for being great and very quick with getting everything printed ethically and in an as environmentally-friendly way as possible!



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