Spring into Action! Foraging, Tree-Care & DiscoSoup!

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Hello Abundancers new and old! Here’s our APRIL newsletter to update you on what we’ve been up to, what we’ll be getting up to and how you can get involved and join in!
1. Abundance Action Plan! How to get involved!
2. Past Events
a. Grafting Workshop
b. Parasol Project Workshop
c. Sustainable Food Cities & “Feeding the Gaps”
3. Upcoming Abundance-related Events
4. Sauerkraut recipe

1. Abundance Action Plan! & How to get involved!
This year to make Abundance better and more effective than ever – we’ve decided we should split our vast variety of different activities into working groups – so that keen foragers can make sure foraging workshops happen, those keen on working with other groups and outreach can work on making those connections, and those who love to harvest can coordinate all the harvests they want to!
During the past meeting we decided on these working groups: if you’d like to be a part of one in particular, please click on the group to email the relevant contacts!
Foraging, Tree Care, Harvesting, Produce-Making, Outreach, Logistics & Publicity! As part of Logistics, there will be a dinner-meeting about mapping Abundanced fruit trees, if you’d like to join that, please contact us!
We also decided we’d like as an overall target to have *1 Abundance workshop per month* – if you’ve got an idea for a workshop you’d like to facilitate or a skill you’d like to learn, please email us!

Past Events
2a TREE CARE: Grafting Workshop: Dom from Adam’s Apple Nursery taught approximately 40 people why and how to graft apple trees- and 30 new tree-lings have gone out into the world! Grafting is the method used by those owning orchards to grow the same fruit year on year – and enables us to sustain varieties from the 1600s and still be eating them today! For more info on grafting and on how to look after recently grafted trees, please check out the Abundance blog.
2b OUTREACH: Parasol Project workshop: – The Parasol Project is an inclusivity project for children of different abilities, often from difficult backgrounds, to get together and learn. They have a big culture of eating together, which is great! Abundance ran a workshop to cook with them:
Sauerkraut from the last glut of cabbages &
Banana bread from the huge quantities of bananas that would otherwise go uneaten in Oxford.
“Please can we do this all the time?” was one of the comments from the kids, so we think it went very well!
If you know of a project that would love Abundance to do a workshop for them, please let us know! (We aim to run our workshops at the lowest-cost possible whilst making ethical & local ingredient purchases.)
The Sustainable Food Cities Conference took place in Monday in Brighton, and was inspiring. In Oxford, Abundance is part of Oxford’s equivalent – Good Food Oxford movement. We’ll be keeping you up to date with their activities and how Abundance can get involved.
 “Feeding the Gaps”: alongside CAG we set up this project looking into whether we can help tackle food poverty by making connections with edible food that is going to waste. This will now come under the Good Food Oxford umbrella group – if you’d like to help out with this food poverty/food waste work, please email your interest and we’ll let you know when we need your help!

3. Upcoming Abundance & Abundance-related events
– Mon 7th April: Disco Soup Planning Meeting #3:, 7:30 – 9pm @ Restore (off Manzil Way)
– Tues 8th April: Abundance Meeting: @Turl Street Kitchen (upstairs on the left in the “Events Space” 7 – 8:15/8:30pm (come anytime from 6:45pm to catch
up with everyone beforehand!)
– Foraging Group working group meeting tbc [Foraging]
– Mapping Dinner-Meeting tbc (join the doodlepoll if interested: ) [Logistics]
– Tues 22nd (4th Tues of the month): Abundance Social @ The Star (Rectory Road off Cowley Road, come & meet other Abundancers, bring food to share if you want to!)
– Tues 29th April: Hub First Aid course – only a few spaces, please email here if you’d like to join
– May 9th: THE Disco Soup! (fingers-crossed we’ll have a very special guest coming, look out for more info…!)

4.  Sauerkraut recipe will come up on our website by the end of the weekend – look out for it, it’s a great way to preserve the end of last year’s cabbages for cold spring evenings! 



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