Abundance Meeting, Fri 21st: “Action Plan”! (+ Dinner after for anyone who wants to stay)

Abundance Meeting, Fri 21st: “Action Plan”!  (+ Dinner after for anyone who can!)

6:15pm – 8:00pm + Dinner Afterwards if you want to stay!

All welcome to come to Abundance’s next meeting (rescheduled from 11th March (2nd Tuesday of the month is our usual meeting slot).

It’ll be held in a big space at a member’s house, off Iffley Road near Florence Park area, so please text 07708776392 if you are thinking of coming, with your name, so we can text you back the exact details of the venue!

Rough Agenda:

– Action Plan for Abundance! 
– Foraging, Mapping and other Working Groups 
– Involvement in Disco Soup, Tandem Festival and others…

 As it’s officially the start of Spring, we’ll celebrate with food for all who want to stay and eat afterwards, please bring something to share if you like, otherwise there are shops nearby (and nettles growing abundantly too!)


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