Disco Soup Planning Meeting! (Next one Mon 24th March)

What an inspiring, buzzing meeting that was! We had the first Disco Soup Planning Meeting – bringing out the best bits of the last Disco Soup type event (“Foodisco”), some of what we’d like to achieve with engaging with those in food poverty and groups working with those in food poverty, and thought up some great working groups so everyone could start thinking what they’d like to focus help on.

Here’s an idea of what we came up with below, if you’re interested in joining in the next meeting and helping organise, put 24th March (next Monday) in your diary (6:30 – 8pm) for the next Disco Soup Planning meeting and have a look at what kind(s) of working group you’d like to be in!

Rough Outline of Working Groups:

*Soup etc…

* Engaging with food poverty : those in food poverty & organisations and services supporting them

* Music

* Follow-up Event

* Publicity/Social Media/Documentation/Flyers/Videos


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