Disco Soup Planning Meeting! 17th March (MONDAY!)

We’ve got a date sorted for the Disco Soup Planning meeting: 17th March! It’ll be in the Oxford Hub’s “Living Room”, upstairs of Turl St Kitchen in the town centre, 6pm – 7:45pm.

Apologies to those students who wanted to come and will have gone home by then – if you’re interested, but can’t make the event, student or not, please email abundanceharvestsoxford@gmail.com  your comments on the agenda topics, or just to ask to be kept up to date!

– An intro to Disco Soup! for all those who didn’t go to the Foodisco and who aren’t sure what it’s all about (it’s basically: communal chopping, soup-making and soup-eating, all to live music, in a public place, open to all!)
– What was good and what could we improve about the last Disco Soup?
– How can we work so the event better serves those in food poverty?
– Should we use the event to encourage confidence in cooking? If so, how?
– What other aims should the event have?
– When should we have the Disco Soup event?
– Where should we have the Disco Soup event?

for starters..!

Facebook Event


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