Upcoming events to get involved in…

How else you can get involved:

-> If anyone has any ideas or contacts with groups that might be interested in being involved and supported through the “FEEDING THE GAPS” project, please let us know! Email abundanceharvestsoxford@gmail.com or contact us through this contact form: https://abundanceoxford.wordpress.com/contact-us/

-> If you would like to be involved in the Disco Soup organisation or running, we’ll soon be sending out an invite for the next Disco Soup planning meeting, which will be open to all! So look out for that…

-> Otherwise, we’ve got lots of tree-related activities planned and tbc: Our first pruning session happened on Sat 1st March and more to come – and we’ll have a Grafting session 16th March so please look out for those!

These workshops are just as important, as during harvest season, we’ll be working to donate as much fruit and as many fruit-preserve products to organisations supporting food poverty.

Pruning helps improve fruit quality so it’s less likely to be damaged and more likely to last more longer, meaning it’s much easier for us to transport and for groups to use.

Grafting is the creation and growing of new baby fruit trees- in a completely natural and ancient way. We’re choosing varieties local to the area, heritage varieties wherever possible and we’re choosing those that will produce apples that will last for longer (later fruiters) and which are more flexible for usage (eaters and cookers).

Next Events:

* Pruning: Saturday 1st March: Phil Shute was our knowledgeable pruner of two trees in a back garden in East Oxford. We’ll be scheduling more pruning skill-shares soon, so keep your eyes peeled & let us know if you’d like to join in & learn or lend tools to the project!

* Grafting: Sunday 16th March, tbc. Small donation to cover costs of our wonderful grafting instructor!

* Parasol Preserve workshop: 26th March:

We’re looking for 1 or 2 more volunteers, to help Maira – who has already volunteered- in running a workshop for The Parasol project on Wednesday 26th March evening.

It’s just 2 hours for the workshop, but ideally you’d be able to prep before, and possibly even do a test run making the preserve you want to make on the evening with the children, so that you can see how it works out and how long it really takes! If interested, please email abundanceharvestsoxford@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Kitchen space to make the preserves in advance, and jars to put them in can be offered potentially (for free of course) if this is a limiting factor in making the preserve in advance.

Thank you for reading!


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