Food Poverty & Feeding the gaps

Abundance is working with CAG [Community Action Groups project] and other food groups in Oxford to look at joining up the dots and “feeding the gaps” in tackling food poverty.

A small group of us yesterday had an amazing meeting finding out what some of the needs of the organisations supporting those in food poverty are.
One pretty hard-hitting fact that came out: Some people bring back food that they’ve received (for free), because they can’t afford to cook it.
In a city as rich as Oxford, it’s sometimes hard to imagine that that happens, but it is happening. The organisations we spoke to are doing an amazing job, but are often running at full capacity. Cuts to benefits and/or sudden changes in circumstances, such as for Jack, who went from steady comfortable income to choosing between feeding herself and feeding her child and has blogged on recipes on a real shoestring, means the need for new resource to work on this issue seems crucial.

We’re really thrilled to be involved in this project, and together we’ve secured funding for a position to work on starting to address food poverty and “Feeding the Gaps” -building relationships, facilitating exchange and helping to organise a Disco Soup with more reach to those who would really benefit from a free meal and from engaging in community cooking and learning cheap and easy to cook recipe skills and more…

If you are passionate about this issue and could take on paid part-time work, please apply! And please send the job advert to anyone you know who might be interested. Due to the nature of the funding, there’s a very short application deadline – so please spread the word asap!

How else you can help with the “Feeding the Gaps” project:

-> If anyone has any ideas or contacts with groups that might be interested in being involved and supported through the “FEEDING THE GAPS” project, please let us know!

Email or contact us through this contact form:

-> If you would like to be involved in the Disco Soup organisation or running, we’ll soon be sending out an invite for the next Disco Soup planning meeting, which will be open to all! So look out for that…


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