Can’t take anymore crumble? (recipe ideas without sugar for those with gluts!)

We’ve had emails, questions at fetes, posts on our facebook wall and more asking us – but what else can you do with [insert name of fruit that is in glut]– we can’t eat or give away any more crumbles!

For apples or pears, crumbles are a fail-safe option but there are so many other interesting ways to use the fruit that you should definitely try if you’re fed up of eating them for dessert.

Easy Peasy Apple Sauce – a great accompaniment to sausages (vegan or meat)

1. Core your apples if you have a corer. If not, skip this step

2. Cut your apples into 4 and cut out the seeded core.

3. Fill a bowl full of these quartered apples and put it in the microwave for 2 minutes. (You might not like using microwaves, but 2 mins as opposed to 15 mins on the stove or 30 mins in an oven is worth it- time and energy-wise!)

4. Check how mushy it is- depending on apple variety and quantity of apples, you might need up to 5 minutes.

5. The skins should come off easily and you are left with a rustic, easy apple sauce!

Apple sauce is a great accompaniment for sausages- many Abundance members love to eat vegan sausages accompanied with a good dollop of this extremely simple and quick apple sauce! With no added anything, it’s simply the act of cooking the apples that gives the sauce a bit of sweetness. Tart apples (especially cookers) are great- but a bit of sweetness from eaters or a mix of eaters and cookers is fine too!


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