All the wonderful local ethical & environmental groups & individuals supporting FOODISCO!

Bonn Square was well and truly FOODISCO-ed on 21st November! Did you come down, have some free hot soup or even get stuck in with some chopping?

We couldn’t have done any of it without support from lots of local groups and individuals that are friends of Abundance- and so we’d like to thank them all, here! If you liked any of the live music you heard on the day or would like to know how to get involved in local food growing and harvesting, reducing food wasted in Oxford, helping redistribute food that’s in excess or unwanted to the hungry and more? Or just interested to find out more? Read on!

Thanks to Niko for the DISCO image (fully supportive of reducing wastage hence offering Foodisco a hand, but usually behind Upcycled Sounds – a sound production company with a focus on reducing the environmental impact of musical ventures) & graphic designer Stig (Stig’s website) for the flyer. Stig is a great local Oxford Graphic Designer and has a focus on green, environmentally-friendly and campaigning graphic design!

A big thanks to Oxford GreenPrint for going out of their way to print the flyer for us in time for the event. For your eco, printing needs, all on recycled paper, please get in touch with them here!

Thanks to Cultivate for delivering excess veg that they had to us (you can now find their excess/unsellable veg revived in wonderful soup courtesy of souper Deborah!)

Thanks to OxGrow & their volunteers for some lovely big pumpkin donations for the soups! Oxgrow have workparties EVERY Sunday 1-4pm, all year round. All are welcome to drop in and spend a while learning about and joining in gardening: learn how to grow whopping huge pumpkins & be part of a community garden where you’re growing food together!

Thanks to Joe, Lauren & Rich for putting up with housing insane amounts of apples, apple pressing equipment and especially to Lauren & Rich for helping get boxes and boxes of apples out before 8 am in the cold, ready for disco apple pressing.

Thanks to Henry & Jesus college for the PA & PA operation. Check out PROJECT SOUP to see what Henry’s organising, a great new local-funding initiative in Oxford where people gather to eat soup, pay for the meal and the funds go to support the winning local-initiative

Thanks to all the musicians for putting the DISCO in our FOODISCO! :

* Hannah Parker– for her beautiful harp that calmed us all down a bit before we opened up officially to the public with our first batch of hot soup!

* Phil Pritchard – for his wonderful activisty, folky, food-themed songs! (Phil is also involved in Oxford Permaculture)

* Holly Redford Jones
* Greg Hooper & Amy Ash
* Alex Benn
* Oxford University’s wonderful Ceilidh Band for getting us properly up & dancing!
* Anuj Kumar Aggarwal
Tris Puri
* Katya De’Janoeff


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