Today, is the day that we’re inviting you ALL to come join us in Bonn Square (opposite the Westgate Centre & the Central Library) to cook up and eat a free lunch, to live music: FOODISCO!


We’ve got a LOT of food that would otherwise have gone uneaten, including some of the regular food-waste suspects… bananas, bread & produce in seasonal gluts.

food that would have otherwise gone uneaten

So pop down and press some apples, pedal a smoothie or why not chop up some veg to add to our pot? And of course, have a lovely cup of hot soup to warm you up!

It’s all as part of Oxford’s events for European Week for Waste Reduction, to raise awareness of the amount of food that goes to waste- & there’ll be resources there to help reduce food waste- but we’re also trying to get people from all walks of life, together, to cook and celebrate food! As WRAP say, Love Food Hate Waste! (They’ve got a new app out to help those with smartphones reduce food wastage, check it out  here!)

We’re especially excited about part of a ceilidh band that will be joining us at 1pm! Bring your dancing shoes and a spoon!

Abundant love,

Abundance Oxford


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