Our Pruning Season is-a-coming soooon… (skill-shares!)

 When harvest season is over we start to look at the long-term health of some of the trees we’ve harvested from.
Pruning Cuttings
– Trees that aren’t pruned regularly can fruit so heavily that they damage their own branches from the weight and can get diseases through these wounds.
– Trees will also produce fewer, better quality fruit when pruned regularly and so the tree and fruit is more likely to be manageable- and less likely to go to waste! …
– And finally, if pruned from a young “age” and if a dwarfing root-stock is chosen- trees can be maintained so that the vast majority of the fruit can be picked either by hand, or using a small step-ladder and so you’re more likely to pick it before it falls to the ground.


And it’s wonderful feeling, cutting away dead branches and branches that are crossing over which may damage the tree, and feeling like you’re doing a tree and its future fruit crop some long-term good.
We’ll be looking into pruning skill-sharing and pruning trees in the wintry upcoming months, so please comment this post, follow our blog to find out what’s happening next and when, or email us at AbundanceHarvestsOxford@gmail.com with PRUNING! in the subject to be put on a list- and we’ll contact you when we do pruning skill shares 🙂

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