Bring your APPLES on Sunday- to Hogacre’s Harvest Festival

We’ll be coordinating the APPLE PRESSING at Hogacre Common’s Harvest Festival- so bring windfalls, crab apples, cooking apples, eating apples, the lot! to get them juiced in the press and be able to take your own juice home!

There’ll also be an OxGrow (community edible garden) FEAST!, music, local brews from Compass brewery, games, crafts and more. We’ll have an Abundance stall so you can chat to us about how to get involved, about your fruit and more.

We’ll have gazebos up in case the weather takes a turn for the worse so don’t let a drop of rain put you off and hope to see you tomorrow 🙂

Despite the rainy weather we made lots of apple juice to put in the Donny Doorstep store cupboard.

Rain doesn’t stop apple pressing!




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