Mega Harvest & Orchard Rescue…

What a great weekend of tree restoration, blackberrying and apple harvesting and redistribution!

We’ve picked crates and crates of fruit – apples, plums, pears and blackberries and redistributed some through South Oxford Farmer’s Market (for free or donations or even swaps!) and others will go to organisations such as Yellow Submarine and Donnington Doorstep…

We’ll also use some in our jam-making at Barracks Lane Community Garden’s Harvest Festival this Saturday (14th September!) so why not come down and help us make it and try some of the fruits of our labour?

Here are some photos of our escapades… !

If you’d like to join in next time we go on such adventures, rescuing trees from the tightening hold of ivy which is slowly but surely hurting them and harvesting fruit to redistribute across the city, please join our facebook group, follow our blog (top right on the right hand side margin of the blog home page), or join our newsletter so you can keep up to date with our activities and join in next time!

Thank you very much to all the wonderful volunteers who took part – harvesters, photographers, cake-bakers, food makers, bike trailer bringers and more! And of course a big thanks to the WI members and lovely neighbours for making us feel welcome, offering up their excess fruit too and providing delicious cakes! Think everyone had a lot of fun, a fair amount of sun and most of all, a whole lot of very delicious blackberries!

Hope to see you at a fruit or tree rescue mission soon,

Abundant fruity wishes,

Abundance Oxford

Photo Credits: Dot, Neil G. & Alex G.


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