OPEN Abundance Meeting: Thurs 5th September: All welcome!

Hello Everyone! Apologies we didn’t post something on the blog about our open meeting earlier but we’ve been advertising it on facebook and the newsletter and other mediums and as you can see, we’ve been spending a while completely overhauling our blog and so less time on actual blog content!

Anyway! There will be a wonderful OPEN Abundance meeting in TURL STREET KITCHEN, in the room upstairs called “The Living Room”: arrive anytime from 6:45-7pm with food to share, we’ll start the meeting at 7 and spend the first half going through all the things Abundance needs to do (harvest, preserve, redistribute & promote what we do) then have a break for a food share at about 7:45/8ish and then at about 8/8:15 we’ll start the meeting again and see if we can break off into working groups of people who are interested in focusing on certain areas and talk about all the different parts of the project in smaller groups! We’ll finish at 8:45/9ish.

All welcome, bring food to share and some pennies at the Turl Street Kitchen if you fancy hot drinks or other! Hope to see lots of new and familiar faces there 🙂 Bring ideas, enthusiasm and bags to take home apples!


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