Impromptu Elderflower Champers (attempt 1) & Cherries!

There are still some elderflowers about [and today some of us started an impromptu batch of elderflower champagne 🙂 ]


elderflowers and citrus rind...

but now it’s time to be looking out for delicious English CHERRIES. Small and sour or bigger and sweeter, it’s lovely to be able to pop a fruity treat in your mouth straight off the street… and it’s only going to get better. (oh and the APPLES and PEARS are coming, and they look to be coming in Abundance!)

Just remember to leave some for the birds, they love them too!

If you see a lot of cherries in one area, let us know!

Especially if they are on private land as we can ask if we can pick them… and then we’ll arrange our first non-drinkable produce skill-share of the year with them, and try get some good, local, pesticide-free (usually) cherries into Donnington Doorstep and other groups that might want them! [and don’t worry, volunteers always get recompensated in fruits too 🙂 ]


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