OxGrow grows… new mid-week work-party!

Hello Everyone! Happy May Day to all, hope those of you in Oxford celebrated and brought in this glorious morning in style! May day not only celebrates Labour day but also the gaelic celebration of Beltane- the start of SUMMER. (It’s half-way in between the spring equinox and the summer solstice.)

But MOST EXCITINGLY! our sister project OxGrow took full advantage of this ancient celebration of the start of summer and the glorious weather to have it’s first ever mid-week work party! From now onwards and throughout summer there will be TWO OxGrow work-parties a week, the usual Sunday 1-4pm slot as well as this fancy new, happy hour, post-work WEDNESDAY 6 pm – dusk session.

If you have no idea what “OxGrow” is, then here is all the info you need to know:
http://oxgrow.org/, http://oxgrow.org/2013/04/23/green-wednesdays-the-launch-of-mid-week-oxgrow/
How to find OxGrow: http://oxgrow.org/get-involved/finding-oxgrow/ & any further questions, email mail@oxgrow.org where some friendly folks will try reply to you ASAP!

OxGrow’s Wonderful Pizza Oven



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